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Culinarian is a social cooking app that enables users to teach/learn from each other how to cook via realtime live feed.


We unify the universal culture of food in a community-based app. We're devoted to helping even the most amateur cook create beautiful & delicious dishes.


Food is the common link between most human beings and we connect those who passionately embrace it locally, and internationally.


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What we have to offer


Users are enabled to post, add a dish and stream in a community feed of mentors and students they follow.

Live Feed

We created single streams (one on one) and classroom streams where one user can teach multiple users.


Request a one on one live stream at a future date or sign up for a class live stream.

Peer to Peer

Culinarian helps users connect via a student/mentor relationship where we believe anyone can cook and teach while learning from each user on a more experiential level

Our Team

[The people that make it all happen]
Irving Barcenas

Irving Barcenas

Chief Executive Officer
Gustavo Alvarez

Gustavo Alvarez

Vice President of Design
Jaime Aguilar

Jaime Aguilar

Vice President of Marketing & Sales
Jerome Isaacs

Jerome Isaacs

iOS Developer Intern
Charly Berthet

Charly Berthet

Web Developer Intern

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We are currently in the works for the following dates:

01 July 2017
iOS/Web/Android Development
01 August 2018
Funding & Crowdsourcing Campaign Begins
01 Sept 2018
Beta Launch
01 January 2019
Official Launch