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Culinarian is a social cooking app that enables users to teach/learn from each other how to cook via realtime live feed.


We unify the universal culture of food in a community-based app. We're devoted to helping even the most amateur cook create beautiful & delicious dishes.


Food is the common link between most human beings and we connect those who passionately embrace it locally, and internationally.


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Look what this app has to offer


Users are enabled to post current, past and future dishes in a community feed of mentors and students they follow.

Live Feed

We allow users to teach and learn from each other via real time live feed through either single or classroom sessions.


We provide a platform for users to post dishes they would like to teach in a clean design database by booking a single session or a classroom session.

Peer to Peer

Culinarian helps users connect via a student/mentor relationship where we believe anyone can cook and teach while learning culture and food.

Our Team

[The people that make it all happen]
Irving Barcenas

Irving Barcenas

Chief Executive Officer
Gustavo Alvarez

Gustavo Alvarez

Vice President of Design
Jaime Aguilar

Jaime Aguilar

Vice President of Marketing & Sales
Alonso Curiel

Alonso Curiel

Vice President of Technology
Joe McCully

Joe McCully

Android Developer Intern
Jerome Isaacs

Jerome Isaacs

iOS Developer Intern
Charly Berthet

Charly Berthet

Web Developer Intern

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We are currently in the works for the following dates:

01 July 2016
iOS/Web/Android Development
01 August 2017
Funding & Crowdsourcing Campaign Begins
01 Sept 2017
Beta Launch
01 January 2018
Official Launch